Thursday, September 24, 2009

Watermark Graphics

Watermark Graphics, Inc. is an industry leader with decades of combined professional experience. They are large enough to compete with any company and small enough to still provide the personal customer service. They have knowledgeable sales staff, creative marketing ideas, in-house production, inventory management, exceptional customer service, online e-commerce solutions and overseas sourcing capabilities. You can look at the available embroidered bags. Unlike some other types of imprinting, you can provide them your artwork in just about any popular formats(jpg, tif, eps, bmp,etc.). They don’t actually "convert" your artwork; rather they actually recreate the artwork using stitches. Once converted, the digitizer instructs the sewing machine to sew the design, in colors selected. Pricing is also based upon the number of stitches. As you can imagine, the more stitches that are involved in your artwork, the longer the production time and the more thread is used. A basic logo on a hat or shirt will generally run about 7,500 stitches. Once you provide them with artwork, they can give you an estimate of the number of stitches needed to complete your job.