Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brosix increased its customers with 300 percent

Brosix is the best business IM client or IM client. It provides a secure instant messaging or safer instant messaging online. Check out Brosix IM Client. It is an easy to use Enterprise Instant Messenger software suite which is powerful. Brosix allows each company to create their own instant messaging networks, it also allows users to manage through online control panel. One of most important and effective ways to increase security and productivity at your office is a private Instant Messaging network. Therefore it provides such a rich set of unique tools and features like their award winning Screen Sharing and White Board . Voice Chatting, Video conferencing, and other tools make Brosix an essential tool for many business looking to improve productivity and Secutity. Creating a custom instant messaging network is really easy and fast. U can sign up using their simple form, create your users from the control panel, distribute the application by emailing a link or the actual app. Using Brosix you can create your own professional Instant Messaging Network, Ensure the authenticity of your IM network users, Highly secure communication - very strong encryption applied to all data transfers, Optimize the work process with collaboration features, Get fast and reliable technical support, Easily manage your IM network through an administration console and so on.